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Lepaan kartano


Location : Hattula

Lepaa Manor may have been founded as early as in the 13th century, and the owners are known since circa the mid-15th century. The oldest part of the main building dates from the end of the 17th century or beginning of the 18th century, and was remodeled in the Empire style in the beginning of the 19th century. The outbuildings of the manor mostly date from the 19th century.



The garden was originally created in the 1760s. The English park dates from the 1840s, and the Baroque-style garden was created in 1935. The yellow building was built in 1934. The chapel dating from the end of the 15th century is the only remaining building of the medieval church in the area. The windmill was built in the beginning of the 18th century. The manor is currently used as a school.

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