Construction of Suomenlinna Fortress began in 1748 by Sweden. It was built on six islands, and took about 40 years to be completed. The fortress was surrendered to Russia in 1808. The Russians ruled the place for 110 years. The fortress was called Sveaborg (or Viapori in Finnish), the Fortress of Sweden. But in 1918, the next year of Finnish independence from Russia, it was officially renamed to Suomenlinna, the Castle of Finland. It is a popular tourist attraction nowadays, and ferry-boats are plied regularly between Suomenlinna and Helsinki harbor all year round. The Fortress was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1991.

Location : Helsinki
Date : 1748

This submarine was made in Turku for Germany in 1933. It was redeemed in 1936, and renamed to Vesikko. The submarine was used during the Second World War. Nowadays, it is the only existing Finnish submarine.

The King's Gate is a symbol of Suomenlinna. It was built in 1753-1754.
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